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Loans for bad credit – Can I get a loan?

The answer is yes. In the past, a bad credit score often made it very difficult to get a loan; especially one that suited your needs and offered competitive terms. Money lenders have traditionally used credit scoring to decide whom they lend to. A poor credit score often meant a lender was less likely to lend a person money because they were perceived as a risk in regards to their ability to repay loans back. To make matters worse, there was no agreed credit score or rating amongst lenders. Therefore, lenders often scored applications differently using their own criteria; making it extremely difficult to know which lenders were most likely to say yes and provide loans for bad credit before you applied.

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Not only did this system make it very hard for people with bad credit to be approved for bad credit loans, but it also meant that some people found themselves with a poor credit score through no fault of their own. New Horizons understands that people with bad credit scores still need to borrow money in times of emergency. That is why we strive to match you with lenders that offer the best bad credit loans for people with poor credit. Understanding that a bad credit score does not make you a loan risk, and believing that everyone should have access to credit when needed, we will do everything we can to quickly put you in touch with the lenders best-suited for your needs.

How do I apply for a loan if I have bad credit?

We believe that having a bad credit score should not prevent you from getting a loan for bad credit when you need one. Thankfully, many direct lenders in the UK now agree with us. Therefore, to help people with poor credit who need a loan, we have created a quick and simple application process. Using the information you give us, we will instantly match you up with reputable, authorised bad credit loans lenders who we have calculated can give you the best deal and just as importantly who are most likely to approve your loan. This allows you to quickly compare the loans being offered to you as well as eliminate the worry of your credit score being negatively affected by because your application was turned down. As a result, applying for bad credit loans has never been easier, and with more and more direct lenders in the UK now offering such bad credit loans, the unfair disadvantages of having a poor score are finally being removed.

It is important to remember that these lenders are ok with you having a poor credit history. Lenders are nowadays more concerned with your current situation, such as your employment status, and are therefore more likely to approve your loan based on this information rather than your previous credit history. As such, it is important to always be as accurate as possible in your application. Remember, a credit check will always be performed on you when you apply for a loan. Therefore, you should always ensure that the details you provide are correct as this will greatly improve the likelihood of your bad credit loan being approved and quicken the entire process.

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Do poor credit loans have a credit check?

The short answer is yes. While some lenders may claim to offer ‘no credit check loans’, the reality is that if they are a registered lender they are required by law to perform a mandatory credit check, even those claiming to guarantee your application will be successful. What this means is that no matter what some companies claim, your application will always involve some form of credit check. Whilst this does not mean that you will be turned down for loans if you have a bad credit score, it does mean that finding the right lender for you can often be difficult and time-consuming.

New Horizons eliminates this problem by allowing you to quickly and easily find and compare which lenders are most likely to approve your application with your credit history. Your application will involve a credit check. However, many direct lenders in the UK now offer loans for poor credit specifically designed for people with a bad credit history. Therefore, if you have bad credit you should not be put off from applying for a bad credit loan when you need one. This is because lenders have realised that traditional methods of assessing an application, such as the use of credit scores, are outdated. This new way of assessing loan applications has also changed the need for a guarantor, with many lenders now aware that having a guarantor is not always possible and therefore people should not be penalised for it.

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Can I get a guaranteed loan with bad credit?

There is no such thing as a guaranteed loan. This is because all loan applications must include a credit check. As such, whilst you probably have a very good chance of being approved for a loan for bad credit, until the check is performed and the lender makes their decision you will not know for certain. One problem with this is that if people have really bad credit, their loans could be denied. This can lead to your credit score being reduced even more and therefore making it even harder to get a loan in the future.

To help break this negative cycle, New Horizons allows you to perform a Soft Credit Match. This enables us to show you which lenders are most likely to approve your loan for bad credit using the information you have given us. This has two very big benefits. First, is significantly speeds up the application process; enabling you to get the money you need quicker than ever before. Second, it allows you to search more extensively for the right deal without having to worry about your credit score being negatively affected if you are turned down, as can happen with more traditional loan applications.

To help alleviate any concerns you have and give you peace-of-mind, all of the lenders we deal with are fully certified and follow strict FCA guidelines. Featuring some of the biggest, most-respected lenders in the UK, we strive to ensure full transparency. This ensures you always have access to the information you need before making your decision.

How fast can I get a loan for bad credit?

No matter how well you plan your budget, there are of course times when you suddenly find yourself needing a quick loan. Whether it is an unexpected bill or a problem with your car, we understand that people through no fault of their own can suddenly find themselves in need of extra funds. To help people with bad credit in such circumstances, many lenders now offer loans for bad credit after making an instant decision regarding your application.

How quickly you can get a loan often depends on how much you want to borrow and how long you want to borrow it for. Generally, for small amounts that are to be repaid back quickly, such as three months, such loans for bad credit can be approved almost instantly. For larger amounts, some lenders may take longer to approve your application. As with anything, most lenders are very flexible in regards to the terms they offer and many will work with you to find the right repayment plan for you. As an independent broker, New Horizons strives to find the right bad credit loans for you as quickly as possible. To help you get access to the money you need quicker than ever before and to reflect how people now use such services, many direct lenders in the UK now offer bad credit loans online. This means there is very little form-filling and your application can be processed much quicker. As such, you can often get the money you need the same day; often within hours or even minutes of you applying.

What is the best poor credit loan for me?

This would seem a straightforward question to answer. Yet previously, because of the confusing credit scoring system, many people simply looked for a payday loan lender that would say yes rather than one which offered the best terms. Thankfully, this situation is now changing for the better. Understanding that people and their requirements are often unique, many lenders in the UK now offer a wide range of loans for bad credit designed for people with both good and poor credit histories. To ensure you get the very best deal, New Horizons performs a unique search in which we can quickly allow you to see and compare what loans and lenders are best suited to your specific needs. Not only do we show you which direct lender offers the best short term loans in regards to APR rates and repayment terms, but we also help you identify which lenders are likely to say yes to your application before you even apply.

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