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Representative Example: Borrowing: £1200 for 18 months, Total Repayable: £1628.28, Total Interest: £428.28, Interest Rate (Variable): 49.9%. Rates between 9.3% APR and maximum 1721% APR. New Horizons is a registered trading name of New Horizons Finance Limited, which is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Flux Funding Limited, who are a credit broker, not a lender. Loan repayment terms are 3-36 month loans.

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Loans with no guarantor, are they right for me?

No guarantor loans are a specific type of short-term loan designed for people who are unable or simply do not wish to have a guarantor when they take out a loan. In the past, this was difficult as most direct lenders saw providing no guarantor loans to someone with bad credit as risky, so having a guarantor was an easy way of securing a loan.

This has changed and more and more lenders now provide bad credit loans without a guarantor.

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Will I be approved for a loan without a guarantor even with bad credit?

Wanting to ensure everyone has equal access to unsecured loans, we are specialists in helping people with bad credit get access to loans, including those that require loans without a guarantor. We have several lenders on our panel that specialise in providing loans without guarantors to people with poor credit ratings.

The easiest way to find out if you qualify for a loan with no guarantor is to complete the application process through New Horizons with no obligation and no trace of your credit report. 

Find your best rate loan without needing an initial credit check.

‘Soft Credit Match’ our broker partner’s technology matches your profile with our industry-leading panel of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved direct lenders without leaving any mark on your credit record.

With no obligation & no cost – it’s the best way to find a loan.

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An increasing number of lenders are offering unsecured loans specifically designed for people with no guarantor. The unsecured loan market has become increasingly competitive; giving you more choices, better repayment terms, and ultimately, more likeliness of approval. 

Looking past a person’s credit history, many lenders now use more relevant, up-to-date data when assessing your application. Focusing on your current financial and employment status rather than your credit history and score, many lenders now offer no guarantor loans for bad credit that have been specifically designed for people with poor credit histories. 

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3 to 36 Months
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49.9% (variable)
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We only soft-search

What is a no guarantor loan?

A no guarantor loan means that you are solely responsible for the loan you take out. Whilst this independence is what many applicants are looking for when they seek a loan without a guarantor, it also means that it is very important that the short-term loan is repaid in the time and manner agreed with the direct lenders.

A no guarantor loan means that you are solely responsible for the loan you take out.

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Because loans with no guarantor mean the lender has no safety net if you do not repay the loan, these loans can feature higher APRs than loans that do require a guarantor. Whilst this is not true for every lender and many now offer very competitive no guarantor loan rates, it is important that you shop around to find the very best lender for your own requirements.

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How much can I apply for without a guarantor?

You can apply for an amount that falls within the minimum and maximum loan amounts of New Horizons. We offer access to no guarantor loans from £50 to £5000. Fill out an application now for fast and secure loan offers.

Understanding that no guarantor loans are often required suddenly and unexpectedly, we will do everything we can to get you fast access to the best bad credit loans with no guarantor; making the entire process as quick and easy as possible.

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Is it more expensive to get a loan with no guarantor?

A key ingredient in determining the cost of a loan e.e. the APR rate, is the risk exposure to the lender. Having a guarantor provides a lender with an extra layer of security, meaning lending without a guarantor can pose a higher risk, which will be reflected in the interest rate.

However. we have lenders that specialise in many different types of loans including no guarantor loans, and the difference can be negligible even for no guarantor loans with bad credit. Complete our application form to see the best deal for your circumstances. 

All of the lenders we work with are authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority and offer full transparency regarding every aspect of their loans. As such, we can guarantee that there will be no hidden fees or shocks. This means that if you have bad credit, you can quickly compare which loan with bad credit offered by lenders in the UK require no guarantor; allowing you to make a more informed decision and helping to ensure you get the very best deal for you. 


Will I need to pay a fee if I have no guarantor?

New Horizons never charge a fee for using our service, regardless of your circumstances or credit rating. All our lenders are registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) so we will be upfront about any costs associated with your loans, such as the APR rate or any fees if applicable. 


Can I get a no guarantor loan without a credit check?

The simple answer is no. When you apply through New Horizons we only perform a soft credit check, not a full credit check. This gives enough information to compare your details to our panel of lenders to find the best loan deal without leaving a mark on your credit report.

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However, if you’re eligible and accept a loan offer, all reputable direct lenders are required by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) to carry out a full credit check before they release any funds. If a company says they can get you a loan without a credit check, we would advise you to be wary of dealing with them. They may not be registered with the FCA, or they could merely be misleading you.


How quickly can I get a loan without a guarantor?

Loans can potentially be paid in minutes. we and our panels of FCA-approved lenders work diligently to provide you with a quick, easy, and straightforward application and loan offer process. using our online application forms means there’s no waiting around for appointments or sign-offs. Instead, your application is sent directly to our panel of 50 lenders. We then provide you with an instant decision and provide you with the best guarantor loan available, even if you have bad credit. 

What can I do if I am struggling to repay my debts?

If you are struggling with your debts and require assistance. You can speak to the companies below, free of charge.

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