Wonga payday loans

Why choose Wonga loans?

To ensure our customers are completely satisfied, New Horizons only deals with lenders that are fully authorised and whom offer fully transparency and fair practices regarding their loans. One such lender is Wonga. Launched in 2007, Wonga has quickly grown into one of the biggest and most-recognised direct lenders operating in the UK. One of the reasons for the amazing growth of Wonga is how it has revolutionised the way people take out loans.

Seeing the need for convenience and speed in the money-lending industry, Wonga created technology that allows the application process to be fully automated. What this did was significantly reduce the time needed to get such a loan, eliminating as it did the need to meet someone in person and fill out endless paper-based forms. This new online way of giving people access to short-term, small personal loans via their computers and smartphones has changed the market forever; with all major direct lenders now offering similar loans like Wonga.

Renowned for its transparency, Wonga believes that people should be given as much information as possible before they borrow money, such as with payday loans. Therefore, the company provides full details regarding what a person must repay and of course when, as well as a detailed breakdown of how much they owe. Focusing on small personal loans, most Wonga loans are short-term, often up to 35 days, and are for amounts ranging from £100 up to £3,000.

Featuring a convenient single repayment that is taken from your account via direct debit, Wonga loans can be very useful because they are so fast and simple to apply for. Of course, Wonga is just one of many direct lenders we deal with and we will always provide alternatives to ensure sure you have complete freedom-of-choice.

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