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Not all personal loans are for significant amounts. Understanding that people often find themselves needing just small amounts of money, many direct companies will offer a whole host of little loans. One of these is the £500 loan. This loan is specifically designed to help people borrow £500 as quickly and efficiently as possible. Because such loans are usually required urgently and unexpectedly, the application process has been made incredibly easy.

Questions answered in this guide

Q1 – Where can I get the best £500 loan?
Q2 – Is it possible to get a £500 loan if I have poor credit?
Q3 – Can I get a small loan fast?
Q4 – Do all lenders offer £500 loans?
Q5 – Do I have to repay the loan on my next payday??
Q6 – Will applying for a loan damage my credit score?

Where can I get the best £500 loan?

New Horizon’s partner can quickly identify the best lenders for you from their panel; allowing you to compare the most competitive deals and get the best £500 loan for you. As with any loan, they understand that there are concerns. One such worry is whether people can get a 500 loan with bad credit. To help such people, they feature authorised lenders who specifically offer loans, such as a 500 loan, to people with bad credit and those with no guarantor.

Is it possible to get a £500 loan if I have poor credit?

If you have a low credit score and are wanting to apply for a short term loan, there are now more options than ever before. £500 loans for bad credit have become more popular with many lenders now specialising in proving smaller loam amounts to customers who may have been turned down by other lenders.

Can I get a small loan fast?

For those needing to borrow £500, it may be that they need the money quickly. In times of emergency getting instant cash is essential to help you deal with the situation. New Horizons has a whole host of lenders who will offer an instant decision and if you are accepted can get the money in your bank as quickly as 15 minutes*.

Do all lenders offer £500 loans?

Many lenders now offer loans, such as a £500 payday loan entirely online. It means that you do not have to visit a branch or even talk to someone. Fast, convenient and very secure, this new way of lending money enables you to get almost instant access to funds from practically anywhere at any time. There are no £500 loans with no credit check; our partner cannot guarantee you will be accepted for a loan. However, they can help you see which lenders may be able to approve your loan.

Do I have to repay the loan on my next payday?

Previously, payday loans were taken over a month. It is no longer the case, with the vast majority of lenders offering £500 cash loans in the UK over many months. New Horizons will allow you to apply for loans over three months to thirty-six months as we understand that paying the whole amount back in one go can stretch your finances.

Will applying for a loan damage my credit score?

No, those applying through our website, can rest assured that your credit score will not be harmed. All of the lenders we work with use a soft search, which meaning other lenders won’t be able to see the search. It allows you to search for a loan in comfort and ensure that you can shop for the best deal.

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