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£100 Loan – Is it right for me?

There is no accounting for the unexpected. A sudden urgent repair to your car or the need to cover a one-off bill can often be a very stressful experience if you do not have the immediate funds to pay. Therefore, more and more people are demanding loans that are designed to quickly provide small amounts of cash, such as a £100 loan. While a 100-pound loan may feature a higher APR than that of bigger, longer-term loans, these loans are designed to be paid off very quickly. Therefore, the APR is often misleading in that that if you borrow £100 and repay it in the time agreed these loans are not as expensive as you may think.

Questions answered in the guide

Q1 – Can I get a £100 loan today?
Q2 – Can New Horizons help me borrow £100?
Q3 – Can I borrow £100 if I have bad credit?
Q4 – Do I have to pay the loan back on my next payday?

Can I get a £100 loan today?

At New Horizons, our application process is the same no matter the amount that you are looking to borrow. You can complete one quick online application, and New Horizons will try to get you the best deal available from a full panel of lenders. If you are accepted, you could even have the money sent to your bank in 15 minutes*.

Can New Horizons help me borrow £100?

At New Horizons, you can search for loans to ensure you find the very best loan for your unique situation, including loans for people who may perhaps usually have found it challenging to get approved in the past. We understand that some people can have a low credit score for several reasons. We want to ensure everyone has the same access to loans when they need them; our partners specialise in assisting people with low credit scores and finding trustworthy £100 loans for bad credit.

Can I borrow £100 if I have bad credit?

To ensure everyone has equal access to loans, our partner features many lenders that offer a £100 loan for people with bad credit, as well as others that require no guarantor. While you may be tempted by lenders offering a £100 loan with no credit check, we strongly advise you to avoid these as all UK lenders are required to conduct credit checks. It means that a lender offering a £100 loan with no credit check is either not being honest with you or is not a legally recognised lender. To ensure you get the best loans for you regardless of your bad credit, all the lenders they recommend are FCA approved and will, therefore, provide full transparency regarding all aspects of the loan.

Do I have to pay the loan back on my next payday?

At New Horizons, we work with a variety of short term loan lenders who offer repayment terms from 3 months right up to 36 months. So you do not need to worry that you have to repay your loan within a couple of weeks. You must spread the repayments over a period of time to ensure you can comfortably meet the repayments, though not over too long a period that you pay unnecessary levels of interest.

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