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Where can I get a £1000 loan from?

Direct lenders in the UK understand that there are times when you suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself needing a small cash loan. Therefore, many lenders now offer a range of small loans, such as a £1000 Short-term loans. Featuring an easy application and super-fast process time, a 1000 pound loan is designed to get the money into your bank account as quickly as possible. Because of the popularity of such loans, there is now a huge variety of ways to borrow £1000.

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£1000 loan questions:

Q1 – Can I borrow £1000 with a bad credit rating?
Q2 – Can I borrow £1000 through New Horizons to pay off other debts?
Q3 – Can I borrow £1000 today?
Q4 – What is the criteria to get a £1000 loan?

Can I borrow £1000 with a bad credit rating?

You can now shop around to ensure you get the very best loan for you and your situation. This includes loans for people who would perhaps normally struggle to be approved for such loans in the past. Understanding that people can have a bad credit score for a number of different reasons and wanting to give everyone the same access to funds when they really need them, our partner specialises in helping people with bad credit.

Can I borrow £1000 through New Horizons to pay off other debts?

You can apply for a £1000 loan at New Horizons for virtually any purpose. Typically, lenders will not allow you to borrow for business purposes but virtually any reasonable purpose is considered. If you are looking to repay other debts with a loan, it should be considered carefully as by spreading the repayment over a longer-term, or by paying off cheaper forms of credit with a more expensive loan will mean you repay more.

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Can I borrow £1000 today?

They will help you get a £1000 loan even if you have bad credit. Furthermore, because of the large choice now available, you will be able to shop around for the best deal instead of simply agreeing on terms with the first lender that says yes to you. Whilst many direct lenders provide a 1,000 loan, there is no avoiding a credit check. However, should you have a bad credit history, you should not be put off from applying as many lenders now offer loans specifically designed for individuals such as yourself, including people looking for a 1000 loan even though they have bad credit and no guarantor.

What is the criteria to get a £1000 loan?

Generally speaking, most lenders offering £1000 loans will require that you are over 18, are a UK resident, employed with a bank account and debit card. The minimum income requirements will differ with each lender but a minimum of £700 per month is a good guide. Many lenders will allow customers on permanent benefits such as disability living allowance to apply also and students who have an income can also apply.

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