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Nationwide Payday Loans – How do they work?

Payday loans are a specific type of loan offered by direct lenders that are designed to provide people with small amounts of cash. Often featuring a short repayment period of around one month, these loans are designed to help tide you over until your payday. As such, they are particularly useful in times of emergency.

Payday loans for everyone

Here at New Horizons, we understand that you can be left with a bad credit rating because of a variety of reasons; many of which are often no fault of your own. Understanding that these reasons do not make someone a loan risk, and believing that everyone should have equal access to credit when needed, we strive to help you not only get a loan, but the best loan for you. That is why we use the information you provide us to create a unique search which will not only allow you to find and compare the best payday loans for your specific requirements, but also identify those direct lenders that are most likely to give you the money you need.

The right payday loan for you

Here at New Horizons, we understand that people’s personal situations can vary massively. That is why we do everything we can to allow everyone access to credit regardless of their situation. As such, our panel of payday lenders include both those that require a guarantor for a loan and those that do not require a guarantor. As we are an independent broker and not a direct lender, our role is to simply find the best lender for you. Wanting to provide you with the greatest choice and ensure you have peace-of-mind, every payday loans direct lender we feature is fully authorised by The Financial Conduct Authority.

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